10 Original Halloween Costumes For Kids

It’s that time of year again! The shops are filled with vibrant orange pumpkins, the streets are paved with red and gold leaves and the air is beginning to get crisp! Fake blood and mini vampire costumes are beginning to appear in shop windows and you are starting to wonder what you and your family should wear this year. We have spotted a few ideas that put a smile on our faces and we hope that they make you smile too!

1. Gorgeous lady and her zimmer frame!

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2. For those of you with expensive taste

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3. Check out the determination in this little mans eyes!

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4. Peekaboo Pumpkin


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5. Spot the difference…

6. Lunch anyone…


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7. A very little, little chef
8. We love colour here at el RHEY

9. Try not to lose them in the garden!

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10. I don’t think this shark wants to get his little toes wet!

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Have you seen our colour-changing brollies yet?